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About Us

In 1996, Sesto Senso ventured into this brave new world called the internet to build a business centered on high quality merchandise, affordable prices, and dedicated customer service.

 Our company started in Baltimore, Maryland, and our earliest product lines included Burt Bee’s and Kama Sutra items. These were the days before smart phones and Facebook, so there were customers who were uncertain about dealing with an internet-based business. However, we built our reputation one customer at a time. This is how we developed our solid standing as a company that customers could rely on for all of their bath and personal care needs.

In 2001, Sesto Senso moved to our current center. Our stock of products evolved as our customer base evolved, and so Sesto-Senso became a company that provides a selection of affordable high quality wet shaving items for men.

 Our standard items include handmade shaving brushes by Vulfix that offer a soft and smooth pre-shave experience and Merkur safety razors that promise a close, comfortable shave. We stock brands that are renowned in the shaving business—Truefitt & Hill, Geo F. Trumper. From pre-shave oil to shaving creams and soaps—we love introducing our customers to products that preserve the art of wet shaving.

 Yet, Sesto Senso continues to extend our supply of personal care product lines for men who want to look as good as they feel. Whether it’s bath soap, pomade, beard care, or cologne—we want our customers to enhance their sense of style, sophistication, and well-being through the products available on our website.

 In the future, Sesto Senso may continue to evolve and expand to other personal care products. But we will always be committed to providing affordable high quality items and ensuring the satisfaction of our customers.

 We appreciate all of our loyal customers throughout the years and invite you to share your experiences with Sesto Senso on Facebook and Twitter!

Need more info? Contact us at info@sesto-senso.com