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Layrite Super Hold Superhold Deluxe Pomade, 4 oz

Layrite Super Hold Superhold Deluxe Pomade, 4 oz

$ 18.00

Give yourself a new look every day by styling your hair with the Layrite Superhold pomade. This Layrite Superhold pomade holds your hair as strongly as a wax does and yet easily washes out with mere water. It is believed that this Layrite hair treatment works great whether you have fine or lusciously thick hair. Go for the business men cut, partitions, spikes or Mohawks look with the easy-to-use Layrite Superhold pomade. The vanilla scent of this Layrite hair treatment makes it smell delicious too. Use just a little of this Layrite hair gel every day and don the traditional, retro or classic style as per your mood.

  • Use to shape extremely curly, coarse and thick hair or to create extreme or high-elevation styles that require extreme hold.
  • Grips hair so you can shape into most any style.
  • Dries light and clean to keep your hair in place all day.
  • Water-based, washes out easily.
  • Formulated by barbers. Holds like wax, washes out like a gel.
  • Size: 4 ounces
  • Made in U.S.A.