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Firehouse Moustache Wax - Wacky Tacky, 1oz

Firehouse Moustache Wax - Wacky Tacky, 1oz

$ 16.00

Made in the USA

This superb moustache wax is made by firefighter John Pitts in Mississippi. He donates a percentage of his moustache wax proceeds to a favorite charity every year.

Wacky Tacky-appears very dark in the tin but out of the tin it is a light tan color. It works well on a variety of different colored hair and as its name says it is wacky and tacky. One application in the morning should work for the whole day even in hot sweaty conditions. If wax gets cold you may need to let it warm before applying (in a pocket or near an air vent). 

Tips for applying wax: PUSH wax up on fingernail of your index finger and then wipe it onto your thumb of the same hand. Rub it back and forth 2-3 times between your index finger and thumb. Then apply using your index finger. Or you can use both index finger and thumb if you're trying to handlebar or want more control of where the wax is applied. 

Size: 1oz tin