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La Toja Shave Stick - Made in Spain - 50gr soap stick

La Toja Shave Stick - Made in Spain - 50gr soap stick

$ 8.00

Great for travel! It is very convenient to keep one in your dopp kit with a small shaving brush. This soap is very easy to lather. The lather is slick and protective, and will prepare your face for an exceptional wet shave. After the shave your skin will feel moisturized and soft. La Toja is considered by many to be the finest shaving stick in current production. Comes in a protective plastic case. About La Toja skin products: Located in the north-west corner of Spain, Isla de La Toja, or The Island of La Toja is the most famous island of Galicia due to being a thermal center. The island is characterized by it’s sludge thermal hot springs and since being rediscovered in the 19th century it has been revered by the Spanish for it’s thermal mud and medicinal waters. The island has since been mildly commercialized with modern wellness spas and resorts, as well as factories for soaps and cosmetics.

All the products in the La Toja range are distinguished by the use of water and mineral salts coming from the hot springs of La Toja, which many believe are beneficial for sensitive skin, as well as being reputed for their curing and healing properties.

Made in Spain. Size: 50 grams