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SHAVE SECRET Natural Pre Shave Oil - Two Pack Value

SHAVE SECRET Natural Pre Shave Oil - Two Pack Value

$ 13.23

What is "Shave Secret"? "It's an All Natural Shaving Oil!"

"Shave Secret" replaces all shaving soaps, creams, gels, and powders for men and women of all ethnic backgrounds. "Shave Secret" is a proprietary blend of high quality, 100% natural, essential oils and a hint of menthol. Nothing artificial. No animal testing.

"SHAVE SECRET" is "The Best Shave Ever!"

What are the Features & Benefits of "Shave Secret"? "Multiple!" The oils work together to produce the most comfortable shave ever provided by modern day shaving products. For men and women,

"Shave Secret" helps reduce:
  • nicks 
  • shaving bumps 
  • cuts 
  • dry skin 
  • ingrown hairs 
  • shaving rashes 

Conditions and moisturizes the skin all in one application!
Great for travel!
Use only 3-5 drops per shave-it's economical!

Directions: For Using Shave Secret Using Shave Secret is as easy as using any other product on the market!

  1. Generously wet the area to be shaved 
  2. In a moist palm, massage 3-5 drops of Shave Secret 
  3. Massage into the area to be shaved and wait 5 - 10 seconds
  4. Shave as usual. (Be sure to rinse your razor often) 
  5. No need to rinse the shaved area, just towel dry. 

Helpful Tips To get a really close shave, just re-wet the skin and shave again. Use 3-5 drops for additional moisturizing and conditioning of the skin. If you experience any razor drag-add more water, not more Shave Secret. To clean razor, rinse under hot water and tap in the sink. If necessary, you can use a tooth brush to unclog razor. To use as a pre electric conditioner, apply 1-2 drops, wait a moment and shave as usual.

Size: Two bottles 18.75ml oil